We are changing
the world... festival
at a time.

Kandi Pop and our Vision to Unify the World

Kandi Pop was created for the sole purpose of making music festivals better. After connecting with a range of people in the festival space, we realized there was a unifying issue everyone struggled with during the multi-day event. Endurance.

After doing research, we uncovered evidence showing that many of the side effects of festival fatigue could be avoided with all-natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Studies had shown that these compounds assisted the body to process toxins, provide mental clarity, and boost energy.

With that, we decided to put this information to the test. After multiple late nights of neon light-stricken festivals and clubs, we had unlocked the perfect combination needed to process toxins, boost energy, and support our immune system. We now had the ability to sustain multi-day events, without waking up with the dreaded hangover dragging us down.

We couldn't keep this discovery a secret and had to share this with the rest of the festival community. So, with the help of some formulation scientists, we created IGNITE and REVIVE, two natural supplements with the power to protect and replenish before and after any festival, day or night. Each formula has it's own unique blend providing energy, liver support, and mental clarity, helping you party like a Rockstar, all day and night.

Thank you for joining our mission to bring a better, healthier experience to the music festival community. We’re so excited to have you along this journey as we continue to create more products for festival goers worldwide. Please let us know about any feedback you have on ideas, inspiration, or improvements we can make. We look forward to seeing you at the next festival. Until then, peace ✌ love 💗 unity ✊ respect 🤝

- Kandi Pop Team